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What is Abdominal Hardening During Pregnancy?
What is Abdominal Hardening During Pregnancy?
14 March 2022
What is Abdominal Hardening During Pregnancy?

What is Abdominal Hardening During Pregnancy?

Hardening of the abdomen and tighter abdomen during pregnancy is a common situation that can happen to any expectant mother. During this period, it is a question of whether the hardening of the abdomen is normal or not. This may occur during pregnancy because the uterus grows, the baby's skeleton develops, and there are false contractions in the last period of pregnancy.

During the pregnancy period, many changes naturally occur in the body of the expectant mother. Tummy tuck during pregnancy is among the most natural pregnancy symptoms. Abdominal hardening is also a condition that can be seen naturally in expectant mothers. However, the stiffness seen in the abdominal region in some pregnancies may also be a sign of some negativities.

The time of abdominal hardening and tension in a mother-to-be may vary. In addition, some women may feel very little, while others may feel more. According to the body type, the complaint of abdominal stiffness may vary. It would be right to see a specialist for complaints of abdominal hardening in a very painful pregnancy.

The time of hardening of the abdomen during pregnancy varies according to the expectant mother. It is generally seen after the third trimester, that is, after the 6th month of pregnancy. The weight of the expectant mother is also related to the time and severity of the hardening of the abdomen. In weak mothers, erections are usually observed earlier. Abdominal hardening complaints may occur in later periods in pregnant women who are overweight. Some expectant mothers do not experience any hardening of the abdomen during pregnancy. If there is no risk of premature birth, miscarriage or other complications, it is not necessary to consult a doctor.

What are the symptoms of abdominal hardening during pregnancy?

Symptoms of hardening of the abdomen during pregnancy are mild and not disturbing in the first periods. The first signs of hardening can be described as slight pain in the muscles with a small stretch in the abdomen.

If the expectant mother has abdominal hardening, the severity of the hardening increases when she suddenly stands up or makes heavy movements. These pains are usually observed to the right of the groin area. Gas, bloating and constipation will also be among the symptoms of abdominal hardening during pregnancy.

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What causes hardening of the abdomen during pregnancy?

Abdominal hardening during pregnancy is a common complaint. This process will be a natural result during the pregnancy period. It is usually a complaint that is not a harbinger of a negative situation.

The causes of abdominal hardening during pregnancy can be listed as follows;
Growth in the uterus: In the first period of pregnancy, the body prepares for pregnancy with a rapid excretion. The uterus will enlarge to be ready for the baby's development. Due to the enlargement of the uterus, a hardening of the abdomen is observed in the expectant mother. The uterus puts pressure on the abdomen and the complaints of erection increase.

Weight gain of the expectant mother: Every expectant mother gains weight during pregnancy. The amount of weight gained will be different for each woman. Depending on the weight gain of the expectant mother, a feeling of hardening and bloating in the abdomen may occur. In weak mothers, this hardening is felt in earlier periods.
Body type of the expectant mother: During pregnancy, the baby begins to grow in the uterus, causing swelling in the abdomen. Abdominal hardening during pregnancy is also closely related to body type. While erection occurs earlier in thin and petite women, it occurs later in expectant mothers with high weight.
Nutrition and constipation problems: Expectant mothers should have a healthy diet during pregnancy. Some foods can cause gas problems. Therefore, expectant mothers should pay attention to their nutrition during pregnancy and implement a healthy nutrition program. Eating fast and chewing foods less will lead to complaints of stiffness in the abdomen. During this period, consumption of fibrous foods is recommended.
Braxton hicks contractions: Abdominal hardening and contractions seen in the expectant mother during pregnancy are a training for childbirth. An increase in contractions is observed in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. These contractions, known as false pains, create a hardening in the abdomen.
Case of separation of placenta: The placenta is the structure that provides nutrition to the baby in the womb of the expectant mother. During pregnancy, placental separation may occur, and this may cause tenderness in the uterus and cause stiffness complaints.
Physical development of the baby: Especially in the last three months of pregnancy, great development is observed in the baby's skeleton. The physical growth and development of the baby creates erection problems in the abdomen.

How long does it take to harden the abdomen during pregnancy?

Abdominal hardening period is short during pregnancy. These hardenings do not cause pain complaints as in labor pains. Hardening will take about 1 minute on average. The frequency increases as the period of birth approaches.

Experts think that the complaints of abdominal stiffness during pregnancy increase blood flow and soften the cervix. If the erections last too long and start to cause severe pain with contraction, it is necessary to see a specialist.

How does the hardening of trust go?

In order to affirm it, it is necessary to predict the hardening and to predict the softening. As soon as the system is changed, it will go through recruitment and its introduction. Expectant mothers should not stay still in case of hardening. It will increase the erection associated with a sedentary birth process. Move a lot.

Plenty of water should be consumed in the complaints of cante abdominal hardening. The rationale for utilizing current consumption. Preparations for use in the use of stiffening muscles.

In case of abdominal hardening complaints, tablets that are good for muscle contractions can be consumed with the approval of the doctor. In case the hardening and contractions are uncomfortable and do not go away, it is necessary to see a specialist.

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