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Vagina Aesthetics

What is Vagina Aesthetics?

Every woman cares about their appearance in order to feel good and to like or be liked. Aesthetic methods applied due to both feeling beautiful and some necessity situations are preferred by many women today.
Among these aesthetic methods, there are also popular vagina aesthetics and labioblast. Labioblasti is mostly applied to eliminate the bad appearance such as sagging and stretching in the vagina area.

To Whom Is Labioblasti (Vagina-Inner Lip Aesthetics) Recommended?
Women who want to remove the stretches in the vaginal area after normal delivery,
Women who want to straighten the inner lips out of any displeasure,
Women who want to increase sexual pleasure,
Women with sagging in the inner lip,
Women who do not like their genitals / vagina visually (anatomically),
For women with congenitally asymmetrical small lips (labio minoralar) in the vagina (in these women, small lips are in the shape of elephant ears and have a large surface).
Women whose small lips are larger or asymmetrical than they should be,
Women who want to tighten their vagina,
If there is a situation of preventing sexual satisfaction in women with incisions called 'episiotomy' made during childbirth,
Women who have sagging in the urinary bladder parts of the vagina (This sagging can both cause urinary incontinence and cause sexual dysfunction.)
Women with 'advanced' prolapse such as uterus/uterus,
And plastic aesthetic operations can be performed on women with similar vaginal complaints and can contribute positively to morale, comfort and sexual life in psychological terms.
We can perform vaginal aesthetics / inner lip aesthetic operations for all women in terms of necessity or visuality.

Vaginal Tightening Vaginoplasty (Colporaphy Posterior Surgery)

The genital area of ​​the vagina in women can enlarge for many reasons. For example, we recommend narrowing the vagina if the woman has given birth once or more, if she has had an abortion before, if she has frequent sexual intercourse, or if there is premature aging or aging in the vaginal area. Because this state of expansion is permanent. Even after years, the uterus does not become old and this can cause problems for the person. Most importantly, it can cause problems in terms of sexual intercourse. When the vagina does not wrap the penis well, it creates a situation of dissatisfaction for both parties. An enlarged uterus makes couples less likely to enjoy intercourse during intercourse.
Vaginoplasty is a good repair method in terms of both the visuality and function of the vagina. The vagina is narrowed with a small operation, the desired appearance is achieved and the sexual life is more satisfying. The woman does not need to be married for this procedure.

Labiaplasty (Vagina Inner lip aesthetics)
In some women, the operation to reshape the inner lips (labiums) in the vagina is called labiaplasty.
The inner lips of women with structural defects in the vagina may be asymmetrical, wider than normal, irregularly shaped, and long. It can display a bad and unaesthetic appearance visually. This can both cause pain during intercourse, cause infection due to excessive sweating, emit a bad odor, and also affect the woman psychologically and make her unhappy.
Labiaplasty can also be applied to virgin girls. Since the hymen is on the inside, the membrane is not damaged in any way.

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