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Stem Cell Application in IVF Baku
Stem Cell Application in IVF Baku
16 March 2022
Stem Cell Application in IVF Baku

Stem Cell Application in IVF Baku/ Azerbaijan

Stem cell application in IVF Baku; It is one of the most up-to-date applications among reproductive methods. In this approach, which emerged as a result of the successes achieved in scientific studies conducted in 2009, stem cells are injected into the reproductive system. At the same time, new reproductive cells obtained from stem cells can be used in treatment. This treatment method, which is shaped according to the latest scientific studies in this field, increases the chance of pregnancy. Stem cell application in in vitro fertilization, which is one of the promising new approaches in the treatment of infertility, enables sperm development in male patients with azoospermia.

In the continuation of our article, you can find detailed information about stem cell application in IVF. You can contact our clinic for stem cell application in Baku IVF and Prof. Dr. You can make an appointment with Haşmet Mesut Özsoy.

What is IVF Treatment?

Infertile couples with infertility problems benefit from some treatment options that assist reproduction. One of the most advanced laboratory applications among these options is IVF treatment. In IVF treatment, egg cells taken from the mother-to-be are fertilized in the laboratory with sperm cells taken from the father-to-be. Embryos that emerge as a result of this process, which is carried out with the microinjection method, continue their development in the laboratory for a while. When they reach the required maturity, they are transferred to the mother's womb.

In vitro fertilization treatment, which was first introduced in England in 1975, is now a frequently used method in our country and all over the world.

How is IVF Treatment Performed?

IVF treatment is carried out with a series of procedures applied to the expectant mother and father. First, ovulation is stimulated by the fertility drugs given to the expectant mother. Egg cells that have reached sufficient maturity are collected from the mother. At the same time, sperm cells taken from the father-to-be are prepared by washing them with various chemicals in the laboratory environment. In this way, the sperm cells, which have been made of better quality, are placed into the egg cells by microinjection method. Fertilized eggs divide and become embryos. Embryos that complete a certain period of their development in the laboratory are placed back into the uterus of the mother with the embryo transfer process.

What is Stem Cell?

The main cells that form the structure of all tissues and organs in the human body are called stem cells. Stem cells, which have the ability to transform into all other cell types in the body, take part in the regeneration of all damaged tissues. Stem cells, which have the ability to transform into the cell type needed at that moment in the body, are defined as the mother cell. With the studies carried out in recent years, it has become possible to use stem cells in the production of reproductive cells, and stem cells have begun to be used in IVF treatment.

Stem Cell Application in IVF What is Baku?

Stem cells, which have the capacity to transform into all other cell types in the body, are also used in assisted reproductive treatment methods. Production of reproductive cells from stem cells and strengthening of reproductive organs with the help of stem cells are the basic approaches in this field.

These approaches, which have developed with the studies carried out in recent years, have emerged as a result of scientific studies that are progressing a little more every day. Stem cell applications are a topic that is quite up-to-date and scientific studies continue. Thanks to recent studies, it is now possible to develop reproductive cells from stem cells.

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How is Stem Cell Application Performed in Baku IVF?

In vitro fertilization can be performed in three different babies;

  • To grow sperm from the root, who have azoospermia, which is the trade of sperm in the semen,
  • In women, use for root derived searches and
  • Storage of factories in the endometrium, which is the layer of the uterus, with root injection.
  • Those to be rooted injection are first delivered to be equipped. One that makes heavy use of our root is the fat masses. Fat is removed with the liposuction method, which is applied as an increased, waist or vessel. This oil taken is intended for the uterus or endometrium. At the root, they take the tissues needed to create as in use. This ascending, inner womb and ovaries are grown to be grown rich in root.

Stem Cell Application in IVF Baku / Azerbaijan 2022 Prices

Root transplantation in IVF can be performed in different ways, depending on the health of the patients. Depending on the industrial facilities used in this industry, it can be targeted. You can get detailed information and make an appointment with us to purchase Baku baby in vitro stem cell prices and prices.

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