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Stem Cell Application
Stem Cell Application
14 April 2022
Stem Cell Application

Stem Cell Application

Stem cells; are the basic structures in the formation of tissues and organs. Its role in the body; In case any tissue or organ is damaged, it is to divide that organ or tissue to repair it. Today, stem cell application method is used in the treatment of many diseases. Miracles have been created in medicine, especially with the stem cell application used in the treatment of blood cancer.

In the area where the stem cell application is made, the repair works begin in about a week, after the stem cell adapts. With this method, many diseases are currently being cured and studies are continuing for many more diseases.

With the liposuction method, stem cells taken from the healthy area are injected into the area to be healed or transplanted. In the next process, it may take about a week for the stem cell to start repairing and become compatible with the body. After this process, the stem cell divides into the structure of other cells and begins the repair process.

We will talk about diseases that can be treated with stem cells under the title of stem cell therapy. While some of these are diseases that are still in the research process, some of them are applications where healthy results have been obtained with this method for many years.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy has been the solution to many diseases or disorders. Especially the fact that it is used in the treatment of deadly diseases has been a light of hope for many people. Stem cells can be taken from the person himself or from people who have stem cells suitable for the person. The people who donate stem cells, which we usually encounter in bone marrow transplantation, are called donors.

Stem cell research on many diseases continues. However, below, we will examine which diseases are used in the treatment of stem cells or in which other areas;

  • In bone marrow transplantation (bone marrow failure or bone marrow cancer),
  • In IVF treatment,
  • In various cancer treatments,
  • In anemia disorders,
  • In hair transplantation,
  • In the treatment of autism,
  • In the treatment of oligospermia,
  • In infertility and impotence treatments,
  • In the treatment of cirrhosis,
  • In the treatment of MS disease (especially in the initial stage, a lot of progress is made.),
  • In the treatment of Alzheimer's,
  • In the treatment of butterfly disease (Lupus),
  • In the treatment of Parkinson's disease,
  • In the treatment of cerebral palsy,
  • In the treatment of ALS disease,
  • In skin rejuvenation applications,
  • In the treatment of ulcerative colitis,
  • In the treatment of heart diseases (especially heart failure),
  • In the treatment of muscle wasting disease,
  • In the treatment of dementia,
  • In the treatment of autoimmune diseases,
  • In the treatment of LYME (a type of infectious disease caused by bacteria),
  • In the treatment of orthopedic disorders,
  • In the treatment of cerebellar ataxia,
  • In the treatment of dental problems,
  • In the treatment of gum problems.

With the stem cell treatments applied in the face of these ailments or problems, the tissues are brought to life again. The compatibility with the area where the stem cell treatment is applied can take approximately one week. After this process, the damaged tissues in the treated area gradually begin to repair themselves with the help of stem cells.

IVF Treatment with Stem Cells

It is also possible to benefit from stem cell therapy in reproductive problems caused by men or women. It ensures that the sperm, which the body cannot produce enough for reproduction, reproduce both in a healthy way and sufficiently. In vitro fertilization with stem cells is the most likely method, especially in men with azoospermia (nearly no sperm count) or oligospermia (low sperm count) problems.

In the laboratory results of men with azoospermia problem, a small amount of live or dead sperm cells should be found in order to start IVF treatment. If the laboratory results show that no sperm is found in the semen, then it is not possible to have a baby with in vitro fertilization treatment.

The same is true for women. In women, menopause is the period when ovulation ends. The number of eggs is also important for women. It is a known fact that the number of eggs decreases with age. However, in vitro fertilization treatment does not give results in women who have entered the menopause period and whose egg production is completely finished. In the same way, IVF treatment is not suitable for women who do not have a uterus.

There are IVF centers in many regions of Turkey, especially in big cities. If the results are positive in the mother or father-to-be as a result of the examinations carried out with great care in the laboratory environment, in vitro fertilization treatment is started. It is the case that the results are positive, that is, there is no obstacle to having a child in the mother or father-to-be. In this case, IVF treatment is started.

In case of negative results; These are the cases where the expectant mother does not have a uterus or has no eggs and the father-to-be has no sperm. In the event that these negative conditions are finalized, IVF treatment does not yield results.

During the treatment process, stem cells are taken by liposuction method. The stem cells taken are injected into the uterus if necessary for the woman, and injected into the testis if necessary for the man. An increase in sperm rate is observed after the application. Unhealthy sperm also become more viable. It is possible to achieve healthy results in about 1 week.

Treatment process. Dr. It is followed with great care by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy. Artificial insemination is performed in a laboratory setting after egg collection and living sperm cells are harvested. It is then injected into the ovary of the expectant mother.

After the treatment period, approximately 2 weeks are expected during the period after the sperm injected into the ovary of the expectant mother. If the patient has come from outside the province for treatment after the results of the blood tests performed after this process are positive, they can carry out the next processes together with the obstetricians, within their own means, since pregnancy has occurred.

In Which Situations In Vitro Fertilization With Stem Cells Is Not Applied

In the case of not getting pregnant naturally, although women and men usually do not use one of the contraceptive methods within a year, the in vitro fertilization method comes into play. However, while in vitro fertilization treatment is applied, some conditions are sought in order for the treatment to give positive results. Both the ovaries of the expectant mother and the sperm count of the father-to-be are checked. If everything seems normal on both sides, then it is injected into the mother's ovaries after fertilization in a laboratory setting.

However, if one of the two candidates has infertility, positive results are not obtained in IVF treatment. This is the situation where the expectant mother enters the menopause period and does not have an ovary. Or, if the mother does not have a uterus, the baby does not form.

Another negative situation is; It is the condition that no sperm is found in the sperm of the father-to-be. In the case of a condition called azoospermia, almost no sperm can be found. However, sometimes in vitro fertilization treatment is not started in cases where no dead or live sperm is found in the father-to-be. Because positive results are not obtained from the treatment.

When any of these conditions are confirmed in the laboratory results, it means that it is too late for IVF treatment. In order to prevent such situations at an early age, it is recommended that women who are considering becoming a mother freeze their eggs. Men who are considering becoming a father, on the other hand, freezing their quality sperm ensures that the negative situations that may occur in the future due to age are eliminated.

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