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Sperm Donation

What is Sperm Donation, How Is It Done?
Sperm donation is the process of using sperm obtained from another man for egg fertilization. Couples may not be able to have children due to male infertility problems. In this case, sperm donation is a method used to have a child.

Sperm belonging to someone else can also be used in people whose sperm are not suitable for finding sperm for pregnancy, whose sperm is not suitable for use for pregnancy, or whose sperm use is problematic due to some diseases. Sperm donation procedures are also frequently preferred by single women who want to have children in recent years.

If single women want to have children without a marriage plan, they can achieve this process thanks to sperm donation. In the event that sperm are examined on average 2 times in the last six months in men, if no live sperm are found, sperm donation can be preferred with the consent of the couples.

During this process, the egg cells taken from the mother candidate and the sperm taken from the donor male candidate are fertilized in the laboratory environment. Afterwards, the resulting embryo is injected into the uterus of the expectant mother with a small procedure and pregnancy is expected.

How is sperm donation done?

Before sperm donation, the expectant mother should also be prepared for pregnancy. For this, on the second or third day of the pregnant woman's menstrual bleeding, FSH, LH, AMH; PRL, TSH, T3, T4, fasting blood glucose, complete blood count, SGPT; SGOT is subjected to urea, anti HCV, HIV, VDRL tests. These test results are important for treatment.

Then the specialists perform a pelvic examination and HSG in the expectant mother. In this process, the ovaries of the expectant mother are prepared for the time period for sperm donation. On the second or third day of the menstrual period, egg-developing needle treatment is applied around the navel. The duration of treatment is between 7-12 days. During the egg development treatment, the expectant mother is regularly examined with ultrasound and blood tests.

When a sufficient number and size of eggs are developed in the expectant mother, an egg maturation injection is made. After 36 hours, the mature eggs are collected with the support of ultrasound. Fertilization is carried out in the laboratory on the same day as the egg collection process. Embryos that emerge later are transferred into the uterus of the expectant mother 5-7 days later. 12 days after the transfer of the embryo, a pregnancy test is performed and the result is checked.

In the treatment of sperm donation, genetic studies can be performed on embryos after fertilization. Healthy embryos obtained in this process can also be subjected to the freezing procedure for later use. These embryos can be used if treatment fails or if couples want a second child. In order to apply this treatment, written consent of both the mother and father must be obtained.

In which situations can sperm donation be done?
Sperm donation is an intensely preferred treatment in cases of male infertility. The situations in which this operation can be done are as follows;

Patients with the diagnosis of undescended testis, whose surgery was not performed within the required time frame and sperm production was insufficient due to this
People with damage to their testicles due to cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy
Men with damage to their testicles due to a previous febrile illness or mumps problems
People who have a genetic disease and do not want to pass on genetic diseases to their children
Fathers-to-be with a contagious disease such as HIV
Couples who want to eliminate the risks that may arise due to consanguineous marriage
Persons with inadequate sperm quality and unsuccessful repeated IVF attempts
Men with damage to their testicles due to trauma
Single women planning to have children
Men whose sperm cells cannot be detected by methods such as micro-tese, tese and tesa,
Couples with affected blood incompatibility may prefer sperm donation treatment.

How is the donor determined in sperm donation?
During sperm donation, detailed information is obtained for couples. In this process, all the question marks of the couples are cleared. Since sperm transplantation is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Health, couples are informed about this issue. Then, couples can use a candidate they know as a donor, or suitable candidates can be selected from the sperm banks that our health center has contracted with.

In the candidate who will be a sperm donor, first of all, a screening is done in terms of infectious diseases that are likely to be passed on to the child and genetic diseases that will cause serious health problems. As a result of this screening, people who have no problems can be selected as donors.

Many factors such as the physical characteristics of the donor, ethnic origin, and educational status are also taken into account. Donor selection is made according to the demand of the couples. In this process, the family is informed about the donor's physical characteristics, educational status and test results. Couples may also request donor selection according to abilities. Confidentiality of information is essential in donor selection. All information is kept confidential for both the couple and the donor.

What is the sperm donation success rate?

Sperm donation is a very important treatment for couples who want to have a child in male infertility problems. During this process, the donor candidate is subjected to a detailed evaluation in terms of eligibility. Therefore, there is no problem in terms of proficiency during donation.

The success rate of sperm donation depends on the age of the expectant mother, number of eggs and egg quality. Sperm donation has a success rate of up to 80%. In this process, since all treatment is under the control of a specialist, the expectant mother is also made suitable for pregnancy. Therefore, many couples can have children through this procedure.

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