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Sperm Chip

Infertility is a very common ailment nowadays. Infertility is mostly caused by the male factor. In order to see the quality and morphology of the sperm in the man, the patient is required to have a spermiogram analysis with a 3-day intercourse diet. If the sperm is of poor quality and has low morphology in the results, sperm chip or sperm chip (fertil plus) is recommended to the patient. With Sperm Chip, sperm with healthy DNA are separated.
If we list the reasons for the couples applying for infertility treatment to choose the IVF method; Factors such as unexplained infertility, infections and related tube obstruction, poor sperm quality in men, overweight or advanced age can be counted.
First of all, for a healthy pregnancy to occur, there must be a healthy embryo. The first of these is egg and sperm quality. In order to see the egg count, quality and sperm count taken from the male, some analyzes are required to see the quality ratio.
Expectant mothers should have their tests done during the menstrual period. The reason for this is that the hormonal balance of the woman is constantly changing during the one-month menstrual cycle. For this reason, blood tests should be done between the second day of menstruation and the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. This ensures the most accurate hormone results.
These assays are LH, FSH, AMH. LH is a hormone that needs to be released. FSH is the hormone that indicates the egg reserve. LH and FSH hormones may show differences in value. AMH is the test that gives us clear results whether the egg quality and reserve exist.


To clarify your question; If the existing sperm count is 1%, a sperm chip must be done. This method is the process of separating and selecting sperm with healthy DNA and the best physiology by chip application, and distinguishing unhealthy sperm with damaged DNA.
It is designed to ensure that low and poor quality sperm are separated from their cells. This application is the separation of healthy / unhealthy, quality / poor quality sperms from each other and ensures the selection of sperm cells with high quality DNA structure. Since the DNA structure of the selected sperm will be healthy and strong, it increases the chance of success of the embryos to attach to the uterus a little more.
This technique is particularly effective on men with poor sperm motility and morphology. There are more than 70 million infertile couples worldwide. Infertility cases are mostly caused by men.
It is known that the sperm chip method provides the best contribution to male infertility. Chip technology has the feature of helping and increasing success in IVF treatments. The DNA of this treatment method, which is applied to the sperm cells taken from the father-to-be within the framework of IVF treatment in the laboratory environment, has also shown with the increasing pregnancy rates that it allows to select healthy sperm. In cases where this method does not work, sperm donation treatment can be applied. In our Cyprus IVF center, we offer you treatments in a hygienic laboratory environment at European standards, with the team spirit and the latest technological devices. Nothing prevents you from being a parent.

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