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Serum Therapy Intralipid

Serum therapy (Intrapilid): It is a treatment applied to individuals who cannot have IVF or natural childbearing due to various reasons. Serum therapy is applied to individuals who have a weak intralipid immune system, who want to have children with advanced age, and who cannot get successful results from IVF treatment.
First of all, we should know that the reasons for unsuccessful IVF treatments vary. However, if the immune system of the expectant mother is not strong, the body does not accept the treatment and the embryo cannot adhere. In other words, in order for the mother's body to accept the baby comfortably, the immune system must be strong. Serum treatment starts at this point and increases the rate of embryo attachment to the expectant mother. In short, it strengthens the immune system.
This serum treatment provides serious success in IVF treatment. It is a substance that is normally used in intensive care in patients who cannot be fed orally. It has almost no side effects. The serum treatment to be used in IVF is applied intravenously before the transfer, to strengthen the immune system, to increase the adhesion rate of the embryo and to increase the success rate. We recommend that you take this treatment. It can be used until the baby's heartbeat is heard, with the doctor's recommendation.

Serum therapy Intralipid is a serum composed of soybean oil, egg phospholipids and glycerin. The color of this serum is white like milk color. It is administered intravenously, just like other serums. Thus, it contributes positively to the treatment of individuals with negative results before.
Our duty in this treatment is to provide this opportunity to all our IVF patients. It is necessary to explain the treatment process in detail to the expectant mothers and fathers and to get their approval. It is our duty to inform and support them by providing moral support throughout the treatment period.
There are many tests and different steps in IVF treatment, you need to be prepared by taking this into account. There may be difficulties that we must overcome together. If you have cigarette alcohol use, balanced diet or different drugs you use, we control and monitor them together.
After taking the anamnesis of our patients in the previous failed in vitro fertilization treatments, we also evaluate the results of the requested blood tests, ultrasound and imaging methods. In this way, we convey the most appropriate treatment option to our patients and carry out this process together by being in constant communication.
According to the results obtained, the drugs to be used in the treatment are adjusted. If necessary, your doctor can supplement with additional supportive drugs for the successful progress of the whole process.

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