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Pregnancy test
Pregnancy test
15 April 2022
Pregnancy test

What is a Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy test is a test that ensures the probability of pregnancy to be determined by the increase of the Beta-HCG hormone, also known as the pregnancy hormone, in the body with the initial stage of pregnancy, by measuring the amount in the blood and urine. Beta-HCG is not just a pregnancy-related hormone. Due to other diseases, an increase in the hormones of any man or woman can be observed in this hormone. Therefore, although the probability of pregnancy is high in people with the hormone Beta-HCG, more diagnostic testing and further investigation should be done. While blood tests are more reliable because it directly measures the beta-HCG level, urine test is more preferred because it provides convenience such as not needing to go to the hospital.

How is a Pregnancy Test Done?

There are two different types of pregnancy tests. One of them is a urine pregnancy test and the other is a blood test. Urine tests are small kits that can be purchased from pharmacies. The test result can be learned with a few drops of urine. In blood tests, the blood of the person suspected of pregnancy is taken and examined under laboratory conditions. After the examination, the test result is reached. Both tests are methods that are frequently used by people with suspected pregnancy. It is important that these tests are performed at the right time, under the right conditions, and in the right way. In addition to the classical urine test, there are also test kits that detect premature pregnancy.

What is Early Pregnancy Test?

Early pregnancy tests are test kits in which the result is obtained by dripping urine, like classical urine pregnancy tests. However, early pregnancy test kits are more sensitive than other kits and can detect early pregnancy that classical tests cannot detect. Therefore, early pregnancy test kits are accurate enough to more precisely measure the level of the hormone Beta-HCG, allowing them to more clearly detect the fluctuations of levels. In classical pregnancy tests, menstrual delay must be experienced and the process must be observed in order for the test to be applied. In classical tests, the rise of Beta-HCG hormone may not be detected even on the first day of the person's menstrual period. For this reason, even if the person is pregnant, the test may be negative because the hormone is slightly high. However, pregnancy can be detected within a week of fertilization in early pregnancy tests. However, in early pregnancy tests, pregnancy can be detected within a week after fertilization occurs.

How is a Blood Pregnancy Test Done?

The best and most reliable method that can be recommended to people who want to take a pregnancy test is blood tests. In this test, the level of Beta-HCG hormones can be measured with a single blood sample tube taken from the arm. Results are usually available within the same day. In general, the rise of Beta-HCG hormones in people of reproductive age, healthy and active sex life indicates pregnancy.

The levels of Beta-HCG hormones may increase due to certain diseases. Some types of cancer, down syndrome, liver tumors, etc. In some diseases, this hormone can be seen to be high. However, hormone levels may be high in pregnancies that occur under unhealthy conditions such as ectopic pregnancy and empty pregnancy. Ultrasound analysis and heart rate monitoring are required to detect a healthy pregnancy. If the pregnancy test is positive, the test can be done again after a few days. Hormones have a wide range of values, and it doesn't matter if they are close to the lower limit or the upper limit. The important thing is that the hormone level is increased regularly. Beta-HCG hormone levels do not need to be monitored as the pregnancy progresses and the baby is large enough to be observed by ultrasound.

How Is a Urine Pregnancy Test Performed?

Another method that can be applied apart from the blood pregnancy test is the urine pregnancy test method. Urine pregnancy test is an affordable and useful test kit that can be obtained from pharmacies. A urine pregnancy test measures hormone levels, as do blood tests to analyze if she is pregnant. For a safe application, the instructions for use of the test should be read. Urine pregnancy tests can be performed in two different ways. The urine sample is filled into a container and the test strip is dipped into this container. The other method is carried out by holding the test stick under the urine for the time specified in the instructions. You should wait about 15 minutes for the test to have a final result. Urine samples can be taken at any time during the day. However, it will be more effective if applied during the first morning urine. The fact that the kit is a single line indicates that there is no pregnancy. If there are double lines, it means you are pregnant. If the lines appear faint, not fully understood, the test may need to be retested.

When Is Urine Pregnancy Test Obvious?

The best time to take a pregnancy test is when your menstrual day is delayed. Before the menstrual delay, the hormone level may be very low even if there is pregnancy in the tests. This can cause false and negative results. The margin of error in testing with menstrual delay is extremely low. One week after starting sexual intercourse, early pregnancy tests can be used to inform you about pregnancy. If a positive result is obtained after performing the test, a doctor should be consulted; The tests are repeated at the time recommended by the doctor and according to the result, pregnancy pregnancy 4-5. When it reaches the next week, an ultrasound examination is performed.

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