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Mingachevir Obstetrician
Mingachevir Obstetrician
22 April 2022
Mingachevir Obstetrician

Mingachevir Obstetrician

In our hospital in Mingachevir, obstetrician Prof. Dr. Haşmet Mesut Özsoy diagnoses, treats and examines gynecological diseases. You can get medical help from our obstetrician in all your processes regarding pregnancy, childbirth or IVF.

Obstetricians deal not only with the problems related to the birth process, but also with all the problems of the female reproductive organ in general. Below are the diseases that obstetricians follow up and examine.

  • Uterine diseases,
  • Menstrual cycle problems,
  • Disorders of the ovaries,
  • Vaginal disorders,
  • Various diseases around the vagina,
  • Follow-up of birth processes.

If you have any of the above conditions or cannot get pregnant naturally, our Mingachevir obstetrician Prof. You can make an appointment for Dr Haşmet Mesut Özsoy from our hospital.

Gynecology and Pregnancy Adventure

When you decide to become a mother, you should be examined in detail by the obstetrician. As a result of blood tests, ultrasound and examinations deemed necessary by your doctor, you will have taken the first step towards the beginning of your adventure with the absence of any obstacle to pregnancy. In naturally occurring pregnancies, there are a number of symptoms that enable the pregnancy to be understood. These symptoms are:

  • Nausea,
  • Breast tenderness, although not in the menstrual cycle
  • A noticeable increase in the rate of vaginal discharge,
  • Feeling the need to urinate frequently
  • Extreme tiredness,
  • Constant sleepiness,
  • Different mood states,
  • Pain in the form of cramps in the abdomen or groin,
  • Occurrence of bloating.

If you have noticed these symptoms and want to be sure, it is possible to get your results by having a blood test. If you cannot conceive naturally, the obstetrician Prof. Dr. You can remove the obstacles in front of your pregnancy by making an appointment with our hospital for Haşmet Mesut Özsoy. If you are going to have a baby with the in vitro fertilization method, gynecology and IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Your IVF treatment is carried out by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy.

Before starting IVF treatment, some examinations are requested from the mother-to-be and father-to-be. In order to start the treatment, the expectant mother must have a uterus and an egg. The father-to-be must have sperm. When these conditions, which are necessary for having IVF, are present, the treatment process begins. After the application of IVF treatment, the percentage of success in the first attempt also depends on the age of the expectant mother, egg quality and sperm quality of the father-to-be.

Before starting the treatment, your doctor, IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Haşmet Mesut Özsoy will ask you for blood tests and all necessary tests. After the test results come, your doctor will decide which treatment method will be applied. Treatment methods that can be applied in IVF treatment are as follows;

  • In Vitro Fertilization method,
  • Microinjection method,
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection method,
  • Frozen embryo transfer method,
  • Blastocyst culture and transfer method.

In Vitro Fertilization Method

In vitro fertilization method is the classical IVF treatment method. Here, the egg taken from the expectant mother is fertilized in the laboratory with the sperm taken from the father-to-be. Then the formed embryos are injected into the uterus of the expectant mother.

Microinjection Method

In this method, drug treatment is started for the maturation of the eggs of the expectant mother. The quality egg cells formed and the sperm taken from the father-to-be are fertilized in the laboratory environment. The embryo formed after fertilization is injected into the expectant mother.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Method

In the intracytoplasmic sperm injection method, the sperm taken from the father-to-be is injected directly into the egg or eggs.

Frozen Embryo Transfer Method

In this method, embryo transfer is performed after the uterus of the expectant mother is made suitable for embryo transfer.

Blastocyst Culture and Transfer Method

In the application of this method, the eggs taken from the expectant mother are kept in a laboratory environment in order to turn them into quality embryos. As a result of the procedure, high-quality embryos are selected and injected into the expectant mother.

All these methods are the ways that your obstetrician will prefer after the pregnancy does not occur despite the use of auxiliary treatment methods. In IVF treatment, the age of the mother-to-be, the sperm quality of the father, and the conditions that the mother-to-be have not entered menopause and have a uterus are sought. In the presence of these conditions, the in vitro fertilization method is applied. The age of the expectant mother is a major factor in obtaining positive results from the treatment.

After the injection procedure is performed on the expectant mother, the results of the treatment are taken together with the results of the blood test on the date your doctor deems appropriate.

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