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Microsort technology (microsort) is a sperm sorting and sperm separation technique that provides couples around the world with a sex selection tool at conception. It is the only scientifically proven method of prejudice that helps increase the chances of having a boy or a girl.
It is the method used before microinjection or vaccination treatment in IVF procedures. Mikrosort separates sperm into 2 groups. It can separate girl-producing (X-bearing) sperm 88% and male-producing (Y-bearing) sperm 73%. Thus, it enables our patients to choose the gender of their future children. With this method, 80% success rate is achieved in the selection of male and female babies. Microsort method can be done by inoculation and in vitro fertilization method. Gender can be selected with less cost than PGT trials.

If the microsort method is to be done with inoculation, first of all, the menstrual cycle of the expectant mother is followed by the doctor and drug supplement is given for the egg reproduction process. When the eggs reach a certain high level, it is requested to make a cracking needle. The opu (egg collection process) is started according to the time zone in which the needle was struck. Collected egg cells and sperm separated by microsort method according to the gender determined by the mother and father-to-be are combined and fertilized. In this way, we increase the success of having a desired baby girl and boy. The application of this treatment method with in vitro fertilization treatment has a higher pregnancy rate than vaccination treatment.
In Mikrosort, microinjection and PGT method, all stages proceed in the same way. The menstrual cycle of the expectant mother is followed, drug supplements are used for egg reproduction, and when it reaches a sufficient level, the eggs are cracked by hitting the egg cracking needle. Then the opu operation is performed.
The difference here progresses after this process. In the pgt method, chromosomal diseases are examined. Thus, it is seen in the sexes. Thanks to the PGD method, the desired gender of the families becomes 100% and the expectant mother becomes pregnant with a healthy baby.
Thanks to the microsort method, a large number of embryos of the desired sex are formed, as the process is performed with separated sperm. Thus, there is a chance to choose the number of embryos and quality. In in vitro fertilization treatments performed with the PGT method, the sperm cell taken from the father-to-be carries the X chromosome (female) or Y (male) chromosome. For this reason, when the egg is taken into the fertilization process, the sperms are randomly selected and fertilized. This ensures that the number of embryos is limited.
In our treatments, we use sperm separated by the microsort method. Genetic testing is performed using the PGT method, and we select genetically healthy embryos while finding the desired sex. Thus, we offer you the chance of a healthy pregnancy.

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