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Egg and Embryo Freezing Process

Today, the embryo freezing program applied in the few centers of the world is carried out in the same way as the fresh cycles. In our center, we have almost the same pregnancy rates with the use of fresh eggs, thanks to the egg freezing-thawing program.
Due to career planning and living conditions, many women consider the age of marriage and child planning at a later age. However, as it is known, female age is very important in conceiving both naturally and in IVF treatments. As the woman's age increases, the chance of getting pregnant gradually decreases. Thanks to a successful embryo freezing program, the eggs collected after short-term stimulation of the ovaries can be stored for many years and can be thawed and reused when the woman thinks of pregnancy. Regardless of the age of the lady, the age of the eggs will have remained at the time of freezing. Eggs are large and complex and are very sensitive to low temperatures. While early studies recommended freezing immature eggs, today's studies have shown that mature eggs are more resistant to freezing.
After the collection process, the eggs are cleared of the surrounding cells and the normal mature eggs are frozen. During the freezing process, it is of great importance to choose how fast the temperature will decrease and which preservative to be used. After egg freezing, frozen eggs are placed in liquid nitrogen (-196°C). Eggs in liquid nitrogen can be stored for a long time without being genetically spoiled. No disability related to this procedure has been observed in babies born after egg freezing and thawing. While 60 percent of the eggs remained alive after the thawing process in the early days, this rate has reached 80-90 percent today. Again, fertilization rates, which were initially low after egg thawing, increased even more with the introduction of microinjection.

Who can apply the egg freezing program?
Women who plan to have children at a later age (for career reasons, women who do not plan or postpone marriage yet…)
In women who will be exposed to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy or whose ovaries must be removed but whose uterus will remain, there will be a chance to achieve pregnancy when the egg freezing program is applied before these procedures and the treatments are completed in the future.
In patients who are at risk of developing hyperstimulation during IVF treatment (with this method, eggs can be frozen and transferred after a few months by microinjection).
In cases where the man cannot be at the center for a compelling reason to donate sperm during the egg collection period (for example, for a medical emergency or for work reasons).
In short, thanks to this extremely successful egg freezing process, women now have the chance to store their eggs for medical or special reasons.
After the embryo freezing process is done, the embryo with the increased quality that can be frozen is frozen with the vitrification technique after the couple's approval is obtained in our clinic. Thus, we are able to transfer frozen embryos without the need to stimulate the ovaries later. We get very successful results with the vitrification technique. Compared to slow or conventional freezing techniques, embryos suffer less damage from freezing, with a pregnancy rate similar to non-frozen embryos.

To whom can the embryo freezing process be applied?
In patients whose embryos are left behind with a quality embryo that can be frozen after embryo transfer,
Patients who are at risk of hyperstimulation (cases where the ovaries respond more than normal, the transfer process is planned for later) during IVF treatments…
Patients whose transfer is planned for a later date for any reason (for example, patients who need medical treatment other than an emergency, such as cancer chemotherapy or radiotherapy).
In these individuals, the transfer process can be performed later by thawing the frozen embryos.

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