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Baku IVF Center
Baku IVF Center
21 April 2022
Baku IVF Center

Baku IVF Center

In our IVF center in Baku, Prof. Dr. We are working with Haşmet Mesut Özsoy to have babies for many people whose hopes have come to the point of exhaustion.

We request blood tests and tests from expectant mothers and fathers-to-be in the practices we do in our IVF center. We start in vitro fertilization applications after the test results show that they are suitable candidates for the procedures. The most important criteria here is that the expectant mother has not entered the menopause period. In order for the procedures to be performed, the ovaries must be present. Because we collect the mother's eggs during the artificial insemination we carry out in the laboratory environment. For this reason, we look at whether the expectant mothers have eggs before starting the treatment.

As a result of the test requested from father candidates; having live or dead sperm cells. The existence of sperm is one of the conditions necessary for artificial insemination processes. If the results of the tests expected from the mother and father candidates are positive, that is, if the test results of both candidates show that in vitro fertilization treatment can be started, we start the treatment on the determined day without wasting time. At the same time, it is determined what kind of treatment will be applied with the tests. Your doctor will determine your treatment with the appropriate treatment method for you.

IVF Treatment Methods

There are various methods that can be applied in IVF treatments. According to the test results of the mother and father candidates, the most appropriate treatment method is Prof. Dr. It is implemented by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy. We can see the methods and auxiliary methods that can be applied in IVF treatment in the table below;

  • In Vitro Fertilization method,
  • Microinjection method,
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection method,
  • Frozen embryo transfer method,
  • Blastocyst culture and transfer method.
  • Thinning of the embryo membrane,
  • sperm aspiration,
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis,
  • embryo freezing,
  • Assisted Hatching (thinning of the embryo wall),
  • Sperm freezing.

Considering the test results of the mother and father-to-be among the above treatment methods, the most appropriate treatment method is in vitro fertilization specialist Prof. Dr. He is selected by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy and the treatment process begins.

IVF Prices

IVF prices may vary depending on the treatment method your doctor has determined for you. The treatment method applied, drugs and examinations affect the prices of the treatment process. It is possible that some of the costs of the treatment are covered by the state. However, in order to receive support from the Social Security Institution for treatment, you must be over the age of 23 and under the age of 40.

If this first condition is suitable for you, the Social Security institution covers 30% of the entire amount for your first IVF treatment. This rate was determined as 25% in your second treatment and 20% in your third treatment. If the treatment is continued after the first 3 treatments, the state does not provide support for in vitro fertilization.

Baku IVF Method Stages

Let's talk about the processes that couples who cannot have a baby naturally will go through if they apply for in vitro fertilization. Along with the first examination, the past treatment, miscarriage or pregnancy stories of the expectant mother are heard. Information about the past is obtained, such as whether he has had a disease or not. At the same time, tests are requested from both the mother-to-be and the father-to-be during this period.

First, we ask our couples for a blood test. Later, while we ask for a uterus film from the mother-to-be, we also take a sperm analysis sample from the father-to-be. Meanwhile, we also perform chromosome analysis. The results of all tests and reports are evaluated by your doctor and informed about the treatment process. A day is determined to start IVF treatment.

In this process, procedures are carried out according to the chosen treatment method. In general terms, after the quality eggs taken from the mother-to-be and the sperms taken from the father-to-be are fertilized by artificial insemination in the laboratory, the resulting embryo is injected into the uterus of the mother-to-be.

When all these processes are finished, you will finally experience a 12-day waiting period. It is possible to get your pregnancy results in the blood test that will be done afterwards. If the result of the blood test is positive, controls are requested for the ultrasound image. This process is usually determined as 1 week to 10 days. Routine check-ups continue at regular intervals as the pregnancy is clarified. If there is a drug used in the treatment, drug supplements can be continued under the control of a doctor to ensure that the embryo adheres.

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