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Azerbaijan IVF Center
Azerbaijan IVF Center
14 April 2022
Azerbaijan IVF Center

Azerbaijan IVF Center

There are IVF centers in many regions of Turkey, especially in big cities. Apart from Turkey, there are also countries that practice in vitro fertilization. One of them is located in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan performs in vitro fertilization treatment at many points as in Turkey.

With our Azerbaijan IVF center, we are working to make many people who have lost their hopes have babies. As in the clinics in Turkey, our IVF center in Azerbaijan is also led by IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. In vitro fertilization treatment is carried out by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy.

As a result of the examinations carried out with great care in the laboratory environment, if the results are positive in the mother or father-to-be, the treatment is started. It is the case that the results are positive, that is, there is no obstacle to having a child in the mother or father-to-be. In this case, IVF treatment is started. In case of being negative; These are the cases where the expectant mother does not have a uterus or has no eggs and the father-to-be has no sperm. In the event that these negative conditions are finalized, IVF treatment does not yield results.

After the treatment period, approximately 2 weeks are expected during the period after the sperm injected into the ovary of the expectant mother. If the patient has come from abroad for treatment after the results of the blood tests performed after this process are positive, it is possible for them to continue the next processes in their own country, since pregnancy has occurred.

IVF Applications

In vitro fertilization is started depending on the compatibility of the test results of both the mother-to-be and father-to-be. As a result of the fact that the mother-to-be has an ovary, that is, she has not yet entered menopause, and the sperm test results of the father-to-be are found at appropriate rates, it is determined that they are the right candidates for treatment. The treatment to be applied according to the test results after this stage; IVF specialist Prof. Dr. It is determined by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy.

The methods that can be applied in IVF treatment are as follows;

  • In Vitro Fertilization method,
  • Microinjection method,
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection method,
  • Frozen embryo transfer method,
  • Blastocyst culture and transfer method.

Many auxiliary methods are also used in determining the methods to be applied in IVF treatment. These;

  • Thinning of the embryo membrane
  • sperm aspiration
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
  • embryo freezing
  • Sperm freezing

In Vitro Fertilization Method

It is a method used in case of unsuccessful results after the use of other assisted reproductive techniques. For the in vitro fertilization method, we can roughly say that the egg is artificially fertilized from the outside. This method is the preferred method for disorders in the expectant mother. In the tests performed, this method is used in case of chocolate cyst or ovulation disorder in the mother-to-be. In addition, it is one of the methods frequently used in cases where both tubes of the expectant mother are blocked.

In this method, it is applied by injecting the eggs with the quality ones among the sperms taken from the male, after they are fertilized in an artificial environment, and then injected into the expectant mother. IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. In the processes followed by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy, results are obtained after approximately 2 weeks. The results of the blood test are likely to be positive even in the first attempt. This rate may also vary depending on the age of the expectant mother, egg quality and sperm quality of the father-to-be.

Microinjection Method

If the treatment process is to be started with this method, the first aim is to suppress the ovaries of the expectant mother. Medication is started with the aim of suppressing the ovaries. After the successful completion of this process, the second step is the stimulation of the ovaries. In this process, appropriate drugs are used to stimulate the eggs. The aim here is to ensure that the eggs have the appropriate quality and as a result, to obtain quality egg cells.

In the period between 2 and 5 days after starting the drugs in the second step, analysis samples and ultrasound graphics are requested from the expectant mother. After the eggs, which are followed by ultrasound, reach the desired maturity, a cracking injection is performed. Egg cells are collected approximately 36 hours or 1.5 days after this process. This procedure is performed under vaginal ultrasound guidance.

After the eggs of the expectant mother are collected, other necessary conditions are provided for the injection process to take place. These are primarily sperm taken from the father-to-be. Egg cells taken from the mother-to-be and sperms taken from the father-to-be are fertilized in an artificial environment, that is, in a laboratory environment. After the embryos formed after fertilization are kept under observation in the laboratory for 3-5 days, the injection process is carried out to the expectant mother.

Contributes to the formation process of embryos after injection

New drugs are included in the treatment in order to find About 12 days after the injection, the results of the treatment process are obtained with a blood test. IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. The painting is evaluated by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy. If necessary, the medication is continued and the pregnancy process is started.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Method

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection method; It is applied in cases where couples have previously had negative results from IVF treatment. In this method, a quality sperm taken from the father-to-be is injected into a mature egg of the mother-to-be. In addition, this method; It can also be applied in cases of azoospermia by obtaining sperm by surgical methods. Azoospermia is the condition in which little or no living or dead sperm cells can be found in the semen.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Embryo method; It is the process of injecting this embryo to the expectant mother after the fertilization of the mother's egg and the father's sperm in the laboratory environment with artificial insemination. We can also call this situation a fresh embryo transfer. If it is a frozen embryo; It is a transfer method applied when the uterus of the expectant mother is not suitable for embryo transfer. In this method, the frozen embryos are injected into the expectant mother after the uterus of the expectant mother is properly prepared.

After the uterine wall of the expectant mother reaches the desired thickness, it is the appropriate time for the transfer. Frozen embryos are thawed in a suitable environment before the transfer process and transferred to the expectant mother. The issue of how many embryos will be injected is closely related to the age of the expectant mother.

Due to higher fertility in expectant mothers under the age of 35, 1 embryo transfer is performed. Considering the decrease in fertility in expectant mothers over the age of 35, a maximum of 2 embryos are transferred.

Blastocyst Culture and Transfer Method

Blastocyst, one of the most important procedures of IVF treatment; It refers to 5 or 6 days after the egg becomes an embryo. These embryos, which are created in the laboratory, are kept in incubators and transferred to the expectant mother on the condition that there are at most two embryos on the 5th or 6th day of the embryo.

There is a special reason for waiting 5 days for the transfer. Identification of healthier and higher quality embryos on the 5th or 6th day ensures healthier results. Thus, the possibility of miscarriage is reduced and a higher result is obtained in holding onto the mother's womb.

Due to the high probability of multiple pregnancies, a limit has been placed on the number of embryos transferred. This number may vary by country. At the end of the 5th or 6th day, the healthiest embryos are selected and the transfer process is performed.

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